Sarala Performs Odissi on Maui!

Sarala's philosophy:

"Classical Indian dance is like a piece of museum art that can only be visible in the dancing body. It is a cultural inheritance and a precious art form that continues to shift and breathe through each generation of dancers. My goal is to preserve tradition but also to continue a lineage that honors creativity, change and growth. Ultimately, dance is joy manifested, there is no technique or rules that are stronger than that essential truth."

Lyrical, graceful, sacred, powerful. Odissi is a unique form of Indian classical dance that blends tandava and lasya (masculine and feminine energies) through fluid hand, eye and torso movements and exciting rhythmic footwork.

Cradled in spirituality, Odissi dance was originally performed in the temples of North Eastern India. Over time, this dance form has transformed and found new life on the stages of India and around the world. The weaving together of eye movements, hand gestures, rhythmic footwork, music and mythology creates a timeless monument to Indian culture.

Like Hatha Yoga, Odissi movements ultimately transform the tumult of the nervous system and unquiet mind to the focused calm of meditation.

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